The Take Justice campaign is about helping survivors of Physical, Mental and Sexual Abuse.

The Take Justice campaign has come about due to a change in the law on time bar in Scotland, giving survivors to take justice into their own hands and take justice for themselves.

Working together with Scotland's leading abuse charity Wellbeing Scotland and Scotland's leading abuse solicitors Thompsons we understand that many survivors have been let down in the past and we are determined that this will not happen to any abuse survivor who comes to Take Justice for help.

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​​Physical, Mental and sexual Abuse

Helping survivors of historic abuse!

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Take Justice has come about because of a change in the law on time bar in Scotland . This change has given survivors the
power to take justice back, to take justice in to our own hands and to take justice for ourselves.  Until recently, the only way that we had any chance of justice depended entirely upon others and all too often we were let down.

For a criminal prosecution survivors relied on the police and the prosecution service.  The process was daunting and all too often felt like a struggle to have the police  take our complaints seriously. 

The Take Justice campaign is about we as survivors using the civil courts to obtain the only form of justice that we  can.  It is about us taking claims against our abusers and  winning compensation.  But it is not just about the money.  Money will never be enough.  It is about holding our abusers to account in court.  It is about forcing our abusers to face up to their wrongs by paying financial redress. 

As a campaign of Wellbeing Scotland Take Justice encourages survivors to come forward. 

It all starts with a simple and confidential discussion with the Take Justice lawyers through the Wellbeing Scotland Legal Careline on 0800 001 5029.